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Matric Result Check by Roll Number

Whether you’re a student eagerly awaiting your score or a parent anxiously checking on your child’s performance, the results are just a few clicks away.

This guide will walk you through the process of checking your matric result by roll number, making it a quick and hassle-free experience.

How to matric result check by roll number?

Find your BISE website:

There are multiple BISE boards in Pakistan. Search online for the one that corresponds to your exam center’s location. For example, if your exams were conducted in Lahore, you’d search for “BISE Lahore“.

Look for the results section:

Most BISE websites have a dedicated results section. It might be labeled “results,” “exam results,” “matric result check online,” or something similar.

Enter your details:

The website will likely have a search bar where you can enter your roll number, and maybe other details like year of exam or a captcha code.

Submit and view your results:

Once you submit your information, your matric result should be displayed on the screen.

Some additional ways

You’re right, there are additional ways to check your matric results besides the BISE website. Here are a few more options:
  • Mobile Apps: Some BISE boards have official mobile applications where you can access your results. Check the BISE website for information on any such app.
  • Third-party websites: Several educational websites and portals aggregate matric results from various boards. Keep in mind that these might not be official sources and could have delays in updating results.
  • Newspapers: Some newspapers publish matric results in their print editions or online versions. This method is becoming less common but could be an option in remote areas.
  • Result Gazette: BISE boards might publish a gazette containing the detailed results. This gazette can be downloaded from the website (if offered) or purchased from the board office.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Results might not be available immediately after they are declared. Check the BISE website for updates.
  • Some boards offer SMS services where you can send your roll number to a specific number and receive your result via SMS. You can find this information on the BISE website as well.
  • In case you are unable to access the online portal, you can also visit your exam center or the BISE office to collect your result in person.

How to Check 1st Year Result?

  1. Find your exam board’s website (e.g., BISE Lahore).
  2. Go to “Results” section.
  3. Enter roll number (and year/type if needed).
  4. View and download your 1st year results.

How to check 9TH class result?

  1. Find your board’s website (e.g., BISE Lahore).
  2. Enter roll number (and year if needed) in results section.
  3. View your 9th class result!

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