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20 Most Used WordPress Plugins in 2021


Plugins are playing a vital role in WordPress websites. There are more than 60000+ plugins that are using in the designing of WordPress websites and some of them are the most used wordpress plugins with millions of active installations. This post will discuss the top 20 plugins that are highly effective and most used plugins in designing websites. These plugins are used for social media, design landing pages, search engine optimization, and speed purposes.

Some plugins are paid and some plugins are free to use. All these plugins are made by top-class developers. Now in the market, we can see numerous plugins which are used for the same purpose in WordPress websites, therefore, tough competition can be seen between plugin developers.

Top most used wordpress plugins

Plugins for Page builder

1: Elementor

Elementor is a page builder which is used to design complete websites with advanced functionalities. This plugin is available in both paid and free versions. There are more than 10M active users in the wordpress platform who are using this plugin. You can create any kind of website by using the elementor page builder. If you are using a premium feature, then you have a choice to import the beautiful and ready-made templates with a single click. You just need to edit your text.

2: Divi

Divi is a page builder which is available only in the premium version and this plugin doesn’t allow users to get a free trial. Divi page builder is providing extraordinary drag and drop features to design websites. If you don’t know about coding, this plugin will help you to design a completely modern website without writing complex code.

SEO Plugins

Rank Math

SEO stands for search engine optimization a very important and necessary part of every website ranking. You can not rank your website without doing SEO. If you don’t know that what is SEO, please visit here to learn more about SEO.

Rank math SEO plugin provides very good SEO functionalities and it allows users to track the SEO score with SEO practice. This plugin is a little bit complex for non-experts because it provides some extraordinary functions of SEO that are not available in other SEO plugins like Yoast and All in one SEO pack.

I personally recommend this plugin to WordPress users to use because of its user-friendly interface and ease to understand and apply SEO practices on the content of websites. I also use this plugin for my website. Rank math is available both in free and paid versions, 80% of premium functions are available in the free version. So if you don’t want to buy a membership, you can enjoy a free version.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an SEO plugin that is very popular and it has 5M + active installations and it is very useful for beginners who are learning SEO. Yoast SEO allows users to create content in a correct format that also follows SEO terms and conditions. This plugin is available in both free and paid versions.

All in One SEO Pack

All in one SEO pack is one of the most used wordpress plugins which is used for SEO perspective in wordpress. This plugin is very helpful for beginners and it provides some extra features which are not available in free version of Yoast SEO. It is available in both paid and free versions.


I-themes security

After SEO of the website, the next most important and necessary part of the website is security. Less secure websites can easily hack by hackers and they can steal your important data. Now especially in 2021, the website security is very very necessary because

What are Search engine optimization and search engine marketing?: Importance of SEO and SEM in 2021

search engine optimization

In this article, I will tell you about the introduction of search engine optimization, the history of seo, how seo works, and what are the services that you can offer by learning seo, what is search engine marketing. I picked these questions because these are the questions that are mostly asking by people. I hope you will learn search engine optimization by reading this article. So let started:

Introduction to Search engine optimization

SEO came into existence in 1991 when the first search engine was developed. The first search engine name was yahoo. After the development of the first search engine, the first website was created and within this year thousands of new websites came into existence. Now that time we have a website as well as numeric types of content but the search engine does not know how to display the results to visitors when they put specific query in the search engine. So that time this search engine optimization game came into existence to solve the problem of displaying content.

Yahoo was the first engine-made algorithm and set protocols by using these protocols yahoo ranks the content on the search engines. But the real and exact usage of SEO starts in 1996 when Lary Page and Brin started the search engine namely was Backrub which is the most successful search engine and still, we use this search engine but now it is famous with the name of GOOGLE.

search engine optimization

Types of SEO

In search engine optimization we have three types of seo

  • On-page seo
  • Off-page seo
  • Technical seo

Most people know about on-page and off-page seo but don’t know about technical seo because it was not important in earlier but form last few years it becomes crucial and this seo type is especially focusing on google’s search engine consoles.

How search engine works?

The search engine works according to the algorithms and displays the websites and the content of websites by following algorithms. In early 1996 when backrub was established google ranked the content on search engine by seeing the number of keywords used in the title and content but from time to time search engines updates their algorithms and ranking the content according to these algorithms.

How search engine display your content or how seo works

Before telling you about search engine working read a little bit about crawling and indexing. The search engine uses a spider which is also known as a crawler, crawler search your websites and store results or your website content in it’s database, this content storing process is known as indexing.

When someone writes a query in the search engine, the search engine finds the results according to a query from the database and displays them to the user. The knowledgeable thing here you must know that google display millions of results and display top results to visitors according to their algorithm.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO


  • seo is free of cost
  • you can get more clicks by seo than PPC
  • seo is helpful for PR


  • time taking process

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is similar to seo which brings traffic to your website but here in SEM we need to pay to search engines for traffic while in search engine optimization we don’t need to pay.

What type of people use this technique?

if your business is new and you want to get instant ranking so you can use this feature. Sem helps your business to become popular quickly among visitors. for this purpose, google ads will help you.


  • sem instant results while seo is a time taking process
  • sem is paid while seo is free
  • seo provide more ppc than sem

Importance of seo in 2021

seo becomes very necessary in 2021 because without doing seo your website can not get ranking in search engines. To better and beat your competitors, you must need SEO. You can do SEO to your website by yourself or you can hire an SEO expert for this business. Now it becomes easier because of SEO tools, in the market, we can see multiple SEO tools which are really helpful for those people who are not experts but know some basics of seo.

SEO tools

  • ahref (paid)
  • semrush (paid)
  • keywords finder (paid)
  • google keywords planner (free)
  • uber suggest (paid)
  • moz (paid)

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how to start freelancing career in 2021

How to become a web developer in 2021? Is web development a good profession?

how to become a web developer in 2021

Today in this modern era every simple application/ to complex application is made by a web developer. Web developers playing a huge and very sensitive role in the latest technology. I will tell you in this blog post how you can become a web developer in 2021, what is web development? and who is web developer?

How to become a web developer

Nowadays, we have a number of oppertunities to learn web development. Here we have two choices one is paid and one is free. lets discuss free:

1: Learn website development free
We can learn website development free by using youtube, w3 school, greek force academy, khan academy, udemy. I will recommend you to learn website development basics from youtube then you should move towards an advanced website development course. But here advanced courses are paid and we can see that in paid courses, instructors are teaching more than online youtube tutorials. But if you want to learn advanced website development freely then you can go to online websites where professional web developers put their experience and you can explore your knowledge from these websites.

2: Learn website development by paying

You can also learn website development after paying but here I want to tell you that you can learn web development online also by paying. Here I’m going to tell you about a very impressive and popular website whose name is udemy. here you can find any kind of course which are paid as well as free but most of the advance type of courses are paid.

Top 10 programming languages used in website development

  • HTML (hyper text markup language)
  • CSS (cascading style sheet)
  • Js (java script)
  • php
  • java
  • python
  • sql
  • .net
  • angular js

Types of website development

  • Frontend website develpment
  • backend website development
  • full stack website development

1:frontend web developer:

Here, by frontend name, you can see that the developer who learns web development for the front side of the website. frontside mean when you open any kind of website in the search engine you just see front side of the website that how the web look likes and perform functions
In frontend web development, the developer learns 3 languages namely ( HTML, CSS, js). You can become a web developer by learning frontend side in 6 months

2: backend developer

A backend developer is a person who makes interacts with the backend of a website, backend means how the server behaves and your web function performs.

For backend development, you need to learn python, java, and PHP.

You can become a web developer by learning backend dev in 6-12 months.

3: fullstack web developer

Full stack web developer is becoming more popular among developers after one statement which was issued by facebook.

In this statement facebook told that they give thier first priority to full stack web developers

basically, a full-stack developer is a person who handled the website by frontend as well as backend. You can become a full-stack developer by learning html, css, js, php, java, python.

Website development scope

In the computer industry, there is a vast scope of web development. But before choosing this profession, this is my personal opinion to people to search about that, then move forward because website development is not a kid toy rather its a complete field which occupies another multiple fields in it. So you should first do well researched and then take a step.

Is web development is good for everyone?

Most of the students who studied their matriculations and intermidiates in computer sciences can easily understand programming because in web development you just write a code and then implement it. So those students who belongs to CS background can easily learn it but at the same time its very difficult for some people who just chose it by seeing someone. So its not good for every one. If you put their interest in it then it becomes a butter for you.

Salary of developers

It’s a most favorite and most asking question by people that how much salary generally developers get or etc. So, According to stats report average web developer salary is 50,000$ to 83,000$ per year.

How to become a web developer in 2021?

Still in 2021, in Computer science market we can see that web developers requirements is still in its peak but by the revolution in languages we can say that its demand is high.

learn free courses

How to start freelancing career in 2021: 8 ways to start freelancing.

how to start freelancing

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who works as a self-employed for organizations, individuals, or companies. He does work independently and does not responsible to take orders from high authorities.

How to start freelancing?

You can start freelancing today if you have experience in any niche. If you don’t have experience in any niche. So the first step is needed to learn skills. You can learn about:

  • Graphics design
  • Freelance writing
  • Web development
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Photo editing
  • Video editing
  • Writing books
  • Virtual assistant
  • Writer

What things do you need to start freelancing?

Before starting freelancing you must have these things:

  • Good internet connection.
  • Laptop or personel computer
  • Grip on any skill

Which laptop you should buy to start freelancing?

10 steps to start a freelancing career

1: Chose a niche

Niche is the main pillar which specifies the career of a freelancer. If you have no any experience in any field than you must learn intially skill after selecting niche because without experience in any field you can not start your career in a freelancing.

You can learn any kind of skill but before starting new skill must be sure that the field which you are going to start have a scope in future or not. Because scope is directly depend upon on career. If you learn any skill which does not have any scope than you can not get more success in your career. therefore it is one of the most important part in start career as a freelancer.

Nowadays the most popular skill in freelancing is Digital marketing and Virtual assistant services

how to start freelancing

2: Clear about your services

After learning skill you need to define yourself as a freelancer that what can you do and what you can not. It is another main part of freelancing career because most of the freelancers does not exactly define themselves that what they are offer and in which part of field they have a grip.

Like Digital marketing is a complete field and in this field there are a some other subfields like:

  • SEO(search engine optimization)
  • SEM( search engine management)
  • Social media marketing
    • facebook marketing
    • instagram marketing
    • pinterest marketing

I hope you’ll understand now after reading above example.

3: Design your high quality portfolio

Portfolio is the work which you show other person as an example or sample work. It is define your creativity that which type of work you had done.By seeing your portfolio your clients know about your creativity and decided that you are able to do their work or not. So it is very neccessary to design a beautiful and clear work. High quality portfolio increase the hiring chance for you in freelance marketing.

for example if I’m a graphic designer and i made a few sample about my work in which may be a vector art or sketching and you are a client, so you can select me for work after seeing my portfolio.

4: Start freelancing before quite a job

Before left your job you must make a good career in freelancing because it might be risky for you if you left your job and you do not have good career in freelancing. So first step is to make a good freelancing setup and monitor it that you are feeling better than in a company from financially view than you can make a decision of quite from job. You should monitor one to three months than make your final descion.

Moreover freelancing business is very dependent upon your goodluck.

5:Level up your skill

When you have a grip on a specific skill, you must make a future descions that this skill is helpful for you in future or not. According to a good freelancers you should learn multiple skills that are higly demand in future.

6: Build your creadibility

You can increase your creadibilty by using multiple ways. For this purpose you can use social medias like facebook, instagram and linkedin. Or you can write your personal ebook which defines your creadibility. These ways can be used to bring more audience in your content. My personal opinion is that you should make a high quality your linkedin profile because it is the world largest social platform where thousand of proffesionals are active. You can find any kind of proffesion person on this platform.

7:Determine your pricing

The main and one of the most important part of freelancing is your earning because it is the reward which you get after completing your client work. You should set your price according to market and your experience. We can see that in a freelancing market an experience person will charge high than other who offers a same service while more clients prefer experience person even if he charge more than others so it is dependent on your experience and market rate.

8:Extend your network

To tell people about your skills you must increase your social connections because it is the biggest way to extend your freelancing business.

Which freelancing platform is best for beginers?

Today there are multiple freelancing platforms but question is this which freelancing platform is best for you. I will tell you about the most popular and best freelancing platforms.

  • Upwork

Upwork is the best freelancing platform where millions of people doing work. You can start freelancing career from here. To signup account please press this button.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is another best freelancing platform where you can make your startup. It is the most growing freelancing platform which increace its importance from last few years specially in covid-19. Initally with zero level you can offer 7 different skills in your gigs.

  • Freelancer

Freelancer is the best platform which you can use as a startup. I personally work here. It provides a good seller enviroment.

  • Guru

Guru is one of the old and best freelancing platform that is offering a good services for their clients as well sellers than other freelancing platforms. I personally recommend this. It is the best platform to start freelancing.

  • 99 designs

It is specially for graphics designers. You can take your start freelancing from here if you are a graphics designer.

13 Best smart ways to make money

Best smart ways of make money

Having money is very important to live life in this world. There are a number of ways that can be used to make money online, some of them require hard work to make money while some of them(ways) does not need any hard work to make money, which we can say smart work. Smart work can be defined as the way to complete a time taking task by using smart techniques or good ideas through which by consuming a small amount of time complete a big task. Having just money is not enough rather we should make extra money to enjoy life because in our surroundings we can see that a lot of people do work and earn money but they do not make it enough to enjoy life.

Today I will tell you about a few best smart ways to make money online or from home. You can implement these ways to generate more income.

1: Get paid to take surveys

There are a lot of companies in the world recruiting people all over the world to fill out their surveys. People complete their surveys and earn rewards. These surveys used by companies for many purposes. It can be about future products, reviews about current products, and something like that. It is one of the best smart ways to make money online by using smart work technique.


Most of the companies are not legit and they do not pay, they just put surveys on their sites so be aware of that.

Today I will show you here a few survey sites that are legit and they pay very well on the behalf of completing surveys. Every site put a limited survey per person in a month. I reviewed these sites and used them, they really pay to their members.


It is one of the best sites that pay very well to its members. This site is paying rewards to play games, watching videos, online purchases, and make offers on products.

Reward: You can earn up to 5$ per hour by completing 10 mins surveys


Touluna is one of the biggest survey sites that is paying high to its members. This company is paying reward by a complete survey through the website or through the app.

Reward: It gives up to 4.5$ per survey.

Branded surveys

Branded surveys is one of the biggest survey markets which gives very well pay to their members for completing surveys. You can make a good income by using this site.

Reward: It gives up to 10$ per survey to their members.

Life points

life points is a British company which gives high pays to their members for completing the survey.

Reward: It gives up to 5 British Pound per hour.

One poll

One poll is paying to members by playing their games, watching videos, completing surveys.

Reward: It gives upto 1$ per survey or 6 videos.

2: Start blog

Blog writing is one of the best options for making money online. In blog writing a writer or a group of writers writing on a specific subject and share their thoughts or their views about that particular subject.

Blogging is one the best smart ways to make money.

How can I start blog?

You can start your blog by following these 6 steps.

  • Pick a name of your blog
  • Register your blog online and get hosting.
  • Customize your blog by using free or paid templeates in your own style
  • write first blog according to the subject that you have chosen
  • publish your blog
  • make money online


You can use to starting your career as a blogger. is affilate by Google which allows people to start blogging by using their free resourse. So don’t waste your time just go there and make account.

3: Drive with Uber

If you have spare time and you do not want to waste it so you have a great opportunity to make a good income. You can make extra money by giving uber rides to people. Uber is looking towards partners like you to meet their requirements. As an independent contractor, you have a good opportunity to make money whenever you are free. Register yourself as a uber driver and make extra money

best smart ways to make money

4: Invest your savings

Invest money in any business, stock market, or partnership with any business person is a good and best way to earn money without any hard work. If you have extra money that is contained in your savings then you should invest that money to generate more profit. Now a digital currency is very in our markets you can invest your money in bitcoin mining.

Note!!!: before investment you should make it possible that the business, partner, or company is legal or not because most people waste their money in illegal companies so be aware of that kind of fraud. It is one of the best smart ways to make money.

5: Become VA(virtual assistant)

Virtual assistant is any person who provide administrative tasks or other offical tasks to clients from remote location. Virtual assistant can become any person if he or she have a skills to manage these kind of tasks. You can offer VA( virtual assistant ) services at freelancing platforms. Such that:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • freelancer
  • Guru

You can offer these services also in your local area.

6: Affiliate marketing

In simple words affiliate marketing is a process in which a person is selling products of another person, these products can be physically or digitally and earn a commission per product. It’s the best and good idea of generating money without doing work. If the products are located at a physical location then you need to do some hard work. Nowadays we heard a lot about Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest brand market where millions of products selling every day. The interesting thing which may you surprise that amazon does not have any physical store. All the products are selling virtually. Moreover, if you have a store then you can join yourself with amazon. Before selling products of another person you need to invest some money for buying products means its another way of investment but it gives you more than other businesses. According to my opinion, there is no other option to make a high income. It is one of the best smart ways to make money.

7: Create an online course

Nowadays I and my friends learn many skills from online educational platforms. These platforms help a lot of people. Some of these platforms offer free courses while most of the courses are paid. if you have any skill related to any subject. Let’s take the example, Mr. Ali is a web developer and he has good knowledge and he is an expert in his field then he can make an online course about web development and put his course on online site like udemy, Coursera, Linkedin learning or can make a youtube channel. After uploading the course you need to set your course price so whenever any person buys your course then you will earn. An online course is the best source to make money.

8: Start Personal training

Give training of any skill to any student or person is a good way to earn money by doing smart work. Training can be physical or virtual. It looks like a making online course.

9: Become a wedding planer

If you have good planning knowledge related to events management or wedding management then you can use your ideas to make money without doing hard work. For make promotion of your ideas you should follow these steps:

  • make a website
  • place your event management ideas on your site
  • put your contact
  • Share your site on social media
  • earn money by making planning

10: Become a photographer

If you have an HD camera or a good quality smartphone then you can earn money by using your camera or smartphone. You need to take photos of nature, your surroundings and upload them on sites where you can earn whenever users download your photos. More downloads more money. You can upload your photos on Pinterest, Pexels, or zedge.

11: Web design services

Web development is a very famous course around the world. If you are a web developer then you can offer your services related to web development on freelancing platforms. It is one of the best smart ways of making money. Because it is dependent on your skill. You can launch your software house if your self business is growing. You can show your services.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • guru
  • freelancer

12: Interior design consulting

If you have good ideas about home or office interior design then you can earn a good income by showing your ideas. You can make your personal website where you can put your ideas related to interior designs and share them with people.

13: Freelancing

Freelancing is the world’s most popular business platform where people earn by selling their services. We can see that on these platforms thousands of people selling their services related to

  • Web development
  • Graphics design
  • Content writing
  • Digital marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Blogs writing
  • Event managment
  • Affilate marketing

If you have one of the skills then you can also earn thousands of dollars by selling your services. It’s the best smart way to make money online.

which laptop is best for freelancing?

Best Laptops for freelancers in 2021

best laptops for freelancers

Freelancing is a skill in which a person selling their services. Services can be

  • Writing Books
  • Make websites
  • Graphics design
  • Provide virtual assistant services
  • Products marketing

these are the few main freelancing services that are seller offers to buyers all over the world. How to start freelancing as a beginner?

Here we talk about the best laptops for freelancers and somehow its importance really matter like for graphics design we need a high-quality laptop in which contain HQ graphics card, high capability Ram, etc

Best laptops for freelancers

laptops for starting freelancing with low budget and high performance

Lenove chromebook C300

Lenovo C300 is one of the best chrome-book under a $300 budget. It provides a 10-hour charge backup. It provides smooth functionality and gives an 11.6-inch high-quality display. Having 4GB Ram and 64GB SSD/HDD increases the speed of performing functionalities. Its one of the best low-range laptops for start freelancing. Read more about its specs.

HP 255 G4

The HP 255 G4 is a very reliable and best laptop for a business startup. The main thing behind its popularity is its price. Under 200$ there are no other laptops exist that provide the best performance like this. For freelancing backup or startup, HP 255 G4 is the best option to buy. It is one of the best laptops for freelancers.

Dell inspiration 15-5559

This Dell version is provided the best performance for office tasks. Its 16Gb of RAM is increasing its performance and all the office tasks can be done easily by using it. This laptop is the best recommendation for those freelancers who are Graphics designers. Its price range is between 500$ to 600$. Read more about its specs

Lenovo B51-80

Lenovo B51-80 is providing high performance with its core i7 processor. It is the best option for photo editors or video editors. Having a 15.6 HD display screen and 16Gb Ram is increased its popularity in the market. The price range is between 300$ to 350$. It is one of the best laptops for freelancers. Read more about specs

Apple Macbook pro

It is one of the best recommendations for those freelancers who are App developers and Web developers. Its core i7 processor increases its performance. The main thing for recommendation is its battery timing, it provides up to 10 hours of charging backup. Its cost is 900$. Read more about specs.

HP Envy

This version of HP laptops provides a big 17.6 inch LCD display. With a core i7 processor and GT650 M card, its performance and functionality are excellent. This version of HP laptops is best for Graphic designers and video editors. Its high-performance Graphics card is increased its popularity among photo editors and video editors. It is one of the best laptops for freelancers. Read more about specs.

Dell XPS

Dell XPS is providing a high performance to manage office tasks. Its high capability 16Gb ram and 1 TB Hard increase its processing power.It’s one of the best options to buy a system to manage a business task. It is the best option for freelancers who are offering Graphics design services. Its price range is between 1000$ to 1200$. Read more about specs.

Microsoft surface pro 4

The best lightweight high-performance laptop for freelancers to do work from home or outside from home. It can turn into Tablet mode. It is one of the best laptops to manage business tasks. Its price is 500$ that suitable. Read more about specs.

What things you should have on your laptops?

If you are a graphics designer, photo editor, or a video editor then you need a high capability storage laptops. Moreover you need at least 8Gb ram in your laptops for smooth working. Another thing you should see is a graphics card because in graphics designing you need a high and best display.

if you are a web developer or a writer then you don’t need high-capacity storage. You just need to see a Ram in your laptops for performing smooth functionality.

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best laptops for freelancers

Best Laptops for freelancers in 2021

Freelancing is a skill in which a person selling their services. Services can be Writing BooksMake websitesGraphics designProvide virtual...