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Check 1st Year Result

Worried about your 11th-grade exam results? Don’t be! This guide will show you how to check your scores online, through your school, or in newspapers. Let’s find out how you did!

how to check 1st year result

The process to check your 1st year result (often called 11th Class or Intermediate Part 1) will depend on the specific education board you’re under. However, here’s a general guideline:

  1. Identify your Board of Intermediate  (BISE):  This is the governing body that conducts exams in your region. There are multiple BISE boards in Pakistan, each responsible for a specific area.
  2. Search for the BISE website:  Do a web search for “[Your BISE name] result” (e.g., “BISE Lahore result”). For example:
  3. Navigate the Results Section:  Once on the BISE website, find the “Results” section. They might have separate sections for different exam types (e.g., Matric, Intermediate).
  4. Select Exam Details:  Choose “Intermediate” or similar option for 1st year results. You might need to specify the year (e.g., 2023) as well.
  5. Enter Credentials:  Input your roll number in the designated field. This is a unique identification number assigned during your exam registration.
  6. View Results:  Click “Search” or a similar button to view your result. It might display your marks, grades, and overall pass/fail status.

Additional Tips:

  • If you’re unsure about your BISE board, contact your school or exam center for clarification.
  • Some BISE boards offer SMS services to receive results by phone. Check the BISE website for details.
  • In case the results haven’t been announced yet, the website might mention an expected release date.

Here are some additional ways to check your 1st year results:

  • Through Your College: 

Most college will receive the official results for their students and distribute them directly. This could be through:

  • Result Cards:

College often print physical result cards containing your marks and grades. These will be distributed to students at school.

  • College Website:

Some College might upload student results on their official website. You might need to log in with a student ID or access code.

  • Newspaper Results: 

Some newspapers publish the results of major exams, including 1st year exams. This might be helpful if the online options are unavailable.

  • Mobile Apps: 

A few BISE boards might have official mobile apps where you can access your results. Check the BISE website for information on such apps.


frequently Asked Questions:

How can I check my 11th class result by SMS?

11th Class: You can check your 11th class result by SMS in some regions. Look for the SMS code specific to your Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) on their official website.

How can I check my 9th and 10th class result?

The process for checking 9th and 10th class results is similar to 11th class. Find your BISE board’s website and look for the results section.

How can I check my result by roll number?

Most online methods for all classes (9th, 10th, 11th) require your roll number. This unique ID is provided during exam registration.

How can I get roll number slip?

Contact your school administration to get a duplicate roll number slip if you’ve lost yours.

How do I download a PDF result?

Downloading a PDF result might not be available on all BISE websites. Check the specific website for download options.

How can I check my 8th class result?

The method for checking 8th class results might differ as it’s not under BISE. Check with your school or local education department for details.

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