In this article, I will tell you about the introduction of search engine optimization, the history of seo, how seo works, and what are the services that you can offer by learning seo, what is search engine marketing. I picked these questions because these are the questions that are mostly asking by people. I hope you will learn search engine optimization by reading this article. So let started:

Introduction to Search engine optimization

SEO came into existence in 1991 when the first search engine was developed. The first search engine name was yahoo. After the development of the first search engine, the first website was created and within this year thousands of new websites came into existence.

Now that time we have a website as well as numeric types of content but the search engine does not know how to display the results to visitors when they put specific query in the search engine. So that time this search engine optimization game came into existence to solve the problem of displaying content.

Yahoo was the first engine-made algorithm and set protocols by using these protocols yahoo ranks the content on the search engines. But the real and exact usage of SEO starts in 1996 when Lary Page and Brin started the search engine namely was Backrub which is the most successful search engine and still, we use this search engine but now it is famous with the name of GOOGLE.

Types of SEO

In search engine optimization we have three types of seo

  • On-page seo
  • Off-page seo
  • Technical seo

Most people know about on-page and off-page seo but don’t know about technical seo because it was not important in earlier but form last few years it becomes crucial and this seo type is especially focusing on google’s search engine consoles.

How search engine works?

The search engine works according to the algorithms and displays the websites and the content of websites by following algorithms. In early 1996 when backrub was established google ranked the content on search engine by seeing the number of keywords used in the title and content but from time to time search engines updates their algorithms and ranking the content according to these algorithms.

How search engine display your content or how seo works

Before telling you about search engine working read a little bit about crawling and indexing. The search engine uses a spider which is also known as a crawler, crawler search your websites and store results or your website content in it’s database, this content storing process is known as indexing.

When someone writes a query in the search engine, the search engine finds the results according to a query from the database and displays them to the user. The knowledgeable thing here you must know that google display millions of results and display top results to visitors according to their algorithm.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO


  • seo is free of cost
  • you can get more clicks by seo than PPC
  • seo is helpful for PR


  • Time taking process

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is similar to seo which brings traffic to your website but here in SEM we need to pay to search engines for traffic while in search engine optimization we don’t need to pay.

What type of people use this technique?

if your business is new and you want to get instant ranking so you can use this feature. Sem helps your business to become popular quickly among visitors. for this purpose, google ads will help you.


  • sem instant results while seo is a time taking process
  • sem is paid while seo is free
  • seo provide more ppc than sem

Importance of seo in 2022

SEO becomes very necessary in 2021 because without doing seo your website can not get ranking in search engines. To better beat your competitors, you must need SEO. You can do SEO to your website by yourself or you can hire an SEO expert for this business. Now it becomes easier because of SEO tools, in the market, we can see multiple SEO tools which are really helpful for those people who are not experts but know some basics of seo.

SEO tools

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