Having money is very important to live life in this world. There are a number of ways that can be used to make money online, some of them require hard work to make money while some of them(ways) does not need any hard work to make money, which we can say smart work.

Smart work can be defined as the way to complete a time taking task by using smart techniques or good ideas through which by consuming a small amount of time complete a big task.

Having just money is not enough rather we should make extra money to enjoy life because in our surroundings we can see that a lot of people do work and earn money but they do not make it enough to enjoy life.

Today I will tell you about a few best smart ways to make money online or from home. You can implement these ways to generate more income.

Creative Ways to Make Money in 2022

1: Get paid to take surveys

There are a lot of companies in the world recruiting people all over the world to fill out their surveys. People complete their surveys and earn rewards. These surveys used by companies for many purposes. It can be about future products, reviews about current products, and something like that. It is one of the best smart ways to make money online by using smart work technique.


Most of the companies are not legit and they do not pay, they just put surveys on their sites so be aware of that.

Today I will show you here a few survey sites that are legit and they pay very well on the behalf of completing surveys. Every site put a limited survey per person in a month. I reviewed these sites and used them, they really pay to their members.


It is one of the best sites that pay very well to its members. This site is paying rewards to play games, watching videos, online purchases, and make offers on products.

Reward: You can earn up to 5$ per hour by completing 10 mins surveys


Touluna is one of the biggest survey sites that is paying high to its members. This company is paying reward by a complete survey through the website or through the app.

Reward: It gives up to 4.5$ per survey.

Branded surveys

Branded surveys is one of the biggest survey markets which gives very well pay to their members for completing surveys. You can make a good income by using this site.

Reward: It gives up to 10$ per survey to their members.

Life points

life points is a British company which gives high pays to their members for completing the survey.

Reward: It gives up to 5 British Pound per hour.

One poll

One poll is paying to members by playing their games, watching videos, completing surveys.

Reward: It gives upto 1$ per survey or 6 videos.

2: Start blog

Blog writing is one of the best options for making money online. In blog writing a writer or a group of writers writing on a specific subject and share their thoughts or their views about that particular subject.

Blogging is one the best smart ways to make money.

How can I start blog?

You can start your blog by following these 6 steps.

  • Buy a Laptop
  • Pick a name of your blog
  • Register your blog online and get hosting.
  • Customize your blog by using free or paid templeates in your own style
  • write first blog according to the subject that you have chosen
  • publish your blog
  • make money online


You can use blogger.com to starting your career as a blogger. Blogger.com is affilate by Google which allows people to start blogging by using their free resourse. So don’t waste your time just go there and make account.

3: Drive with Uber

If you have spare time and you do not want to waste it so you have a great opportunity to make a good income. You can make extra money by giving uber rides to people. Uber is looking towards partners like you to meet their requirements. As an independent contractor, you have a good opportunity to make money whenever you are free.

4: Invest your savings

Invest money in any business, stock market, or partnership with any business person is a good and best way to earn money without any hard work. If you have extra money that is contained in your savings then you should invest that money to generate more profit. Now a digital currency is very in our markets you can invest your money in bitcoin mining.

Note!!!: before investment you should make it possible that the business, partner, or company is legal or not because most people waste their money in illegal companies so be aware of that kind of fraud. It is one of the best smart ways to make money.

5: Become VA(virtual assistant)

Virtual assistant is any person who provide administrative tasks or other offical tasks to clients from remote location. Virtual assistant can become any person if he or she have a skills to manage these kind of tasks. You can offer VA( virtual assistant ) services at freelancing platforms. Such that:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • freelancer
  • Guru

You can offer these services also in your local area.

6: Affiliate marketing

In simple words affiliate marketing is a process in which a person is selling products of another person, these products can be physically or digitally and earn a commission per product. It’s the best and good idea of generating money without doing work. If the products are located at a physical location then you need to do some hard work. Nowadays we heard a lot about Amazon.

Amazon is the world’s largest brand market where millions of products selling every day. The interesting thing which may you surprise that amazon does not have any physical store. All the products are selling virtually. Moreover, if you have a store then you can join yourself with amazon.

Before selling products of another person you need to invest some money for buying products means its another way of investment but it gives you more than other businesses. According to my opinion, there is no other option to make a high income. It is one of the best smart ways to make money.

7: Create an online course

Nowadays I and my friends learn many skills from online educational platforms. These platforms help a lot of people. Some of these platforms offer free courses while most of the courses are paid. if you have any skill related to any subject. Let’s take the example, Mr. Ali is a web developer and he has good knowledge and he is an expert in his field then he can make an online course about web development and put his course on online site like udemy, Coursera, Linkedin learning or can make a youtube channel. After uploading the course you need to set your course price so whenever any person buys your course then you will earn. An online course is the best source to make money.

8: Start Personal training

Give training of any skill to any student or person is a good way to earn money by doing smart work. Training can be physical or virtual. It looks like a making online course.

9: Become a wedding planer

If you have good planning knowledge related to events management or wedding management then you can use your ideas to make money without doing hard work. For make promotion of your ideas you should follow these steps:

  • Make a website
  • Place your event management ideas on your site
  • Put your contact
  • Share your site on social media
  • Earn money by making planning

10: Become a photographer

If you have an HD camera or a good quality smartphone then you can earn money by using your camera or smartphone. You need to take photos of nature, your surroundings and upload them on sites where you can earn whenever users download your photos. More downloads more money. You can upload your photos on Pinterest, Pexels, or zedge.

11: Web design services

Web development is a very famous course around the world. If you are a web developer then you can offer your services related to web development on freelancing platforms. It is one of the best smart ways of making money. Because it is dependent on your skill. You can launch your software house if your self business is growing. You can show your services.

12: Interior design consulting

If you have good ideas about home or office interior design then you can earn a good income by showing your ideas. You can make your personal website where you can put your ideas related to interior designs and share them with people.

13: Freelancing

Freelancing is the world’s most popular business platform where people earn by selling their services. We can see that on these platforms thousands of people selling their services related to.

  • Web development
  • Graphics design
  • Content writing
  • Digital marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Blogs writing
  • Event managment
  • Affilate marketing

If you have one of the skills then you can also earn thousands of dollars by selling your services. It’s the best smart way to make money online.