On Read Result, you’ll learn how to purchase additional Audible credits for your iPhone. Audible credits are only available to users who meet certain requirements.

You must meet all of the following criteria to qualify for credits:

  • In the last 3 months, you must have been an active member on the same plan.
  • Additionally, you must have only 1 or 0 credits left.
  • Annual plans require you to be at least 30 days out from your next payment.

Purchase Audible credits on iphone:

Visit https://www.audible.com in a browser. On your iPhone you can use Safari or any other web browser.

Tap the menu button. The button is at the top left of the page.

Click Sign In. On the menu, there is a yellow button.

Tap Sign In and enter your login details. You will be redirected to the home page of Audible.

Press ≡ Menu again. You can find it at the top-left corner of the page.

Click Buy 3 Extra Credits. You’ll find it at the top of the menu under the orange button.

Click Buy for $X.XX. There is an orange button on the page. In place of the X’s, you’ll see the current credit price.

Tap the Confirm Purchase button. Under the “Buy” button is an orange button. A charge will be made to your default payment method for your Audible account, and 3 credits will be added.

Note: The requirements mentioned in Step 1 must be met in order for your account to qualify for further credits.

How to Buy Credits on Audible on iPhone?

The mobile web app is used to purchase presents on iPhone device.

Find the “Buy 3 more credits” entry by going to your Audible account on your device, logging in, and then searching. You shouldn’t run into any problems if your country permits the purchase of credits.

Additional FAQs Buy Credits on Audible:

Can you buy Audible credits without a membership?

You can’t, sorry. Through Amazon, you can purchase Audible content without a membership, but you cannot access credits. Although you don’t get any monthly credits with the Audible Plus plan, you can buy more with this membership plan in some countries. You receive one credit per month or twelve credits annually with Audible Premium Plus.

How do I get credits on Audible app?

Joining the Premium Plus plan on Audible would be the simplest method to earn credits there. You are able to sign up for this and receive a credit each month that you may use for up to a year after that. The credits are automatically added within the software; there is nothing you need to do.

Can you buy more credits on Audible?

Extra credits can only be purchased on a select few Audible domains, such as Audible.co.uk.

How much is 3 credits on Audible?

In some nations, Audible consumers have the option to purchase three more credits. For instance, this costs £18 in the UK. Some nations do not offer the choice. However, before losing up on acquiring more Audible credits, consider if you can change to a different Audible domain. Canadians, for instance, are able to use the US version, which does for the purchase of three more credits.

How much does Audible membership cost?

This is dependent on the Audible domain that you’re utilising. The Plus membership costs $7.95 a month in the US, while the Premium Plus subscription runs $14.95. Depending on where you are, there are more plans available.

How to Buy Credits on Audible in App?

You won’t be able to buy more credits through the Audible app on your device because the app syncs with your Audible account, regardless of whether the option is available on your Audible account.

How to Buy Credits on Audible as a Gift?

Credits can also be given as gifts. One, three, six, or twelve credits can be sent to someone, and they will also receive the Plus Catalog function. Gifts can be printed or sent via email.

  1. Visit this page https://www.audible.com/ep/giftcenter andchoose from one of the four choices to send presents.
  2. Next, decide if you want Audible to send the present to the recipient or to order a printed copy that you can hand the recipient personally.
  3. Include the recipient’s name, email address, your name, and the delivery date in the needed fields. The recipient’s name and your own are required for the Print option.
  4. The personalised card of your choice will then be shown to you for selection.
  5. The gift will then be previewable, and you can confirm mailing it.

How to Buy More Credits on Audible?

Of However, if you listen to audiobooks religiously, 12 credits each year or one credit per month might not be enough. You could want to earn some more credits in this situation. Fortunately, no matter whatever Audible plan you’re on, there’s a method to buy more credits.

You must have been an active Audible member for at least 30 days on the same plan in order to qualify for this. Additionally, at the time of purchasing, you should have used all of your credits.

How do I add extra credits to Audible?

You do not need to buy more credits if you have two or more in your account. Use your credits and then follow the steps.

Go to https://www.audible.com in a browser. 

Click the menu button. 

Click Sign In and enter login details. 

Click on ≡ Menu. 

Then click Buy 3 Extra Credits. 

Why won’t Audible let me use my credit?

If you tried to redeem an audiobook but got an error message or alert, it’s possible that the sender has reached their limit on how many times that title can be redeemed. If it is the recipient’s first audiobook they have redeemed through this program, the first 10 recipients who do so will get it free.