Online learning is here for years, but the last year of pandemic makes it a part of our daily life. Work from home, online meetings, and online classes, etc. almost everything becomes online. In this article, I will discuss the advantages of online learning during covid.

For working professionals, learning is an endless process. They need to learn continuously, to become masters in their current role, and also need to learn the skills to prepare themselves for the next role. They need to learn the new technology coming to keep their job and stay in the competition.

Sometimes they found that the desired promotion stuck because of not having a specific diploma or degree or knowledge of a particular skill. So, what to do to get the promotion? You can’t leave the job and then join back. So, online learning comes to the rescue here.

Advantages of online learning:

Online learning brings lots of advantages, especially for the working professionals who need to do a full-time job, take care of the family, and then learn too.

Following are some advantages, why one should go for online learning:

  • No need to quit the job: The best part of it is you don’t have to quit the job to join a college or university. You can learn and prepare yourself for a higher role without leaving the job.

  • Learn at your own pace: You don’t have to do it as regularly 4 to 5 hrs. It is up to you; you can do it at your own pace and you can go back at any point. There is no fear of missing classes. The control is in your hand. You can watch a tutorial at any number of times.

  • Do practical: Most of the online courses also teach you with live projects. Like if you are learning a programming language, then you also get a sample project to do, so that you can also implement what you learn.

  • Courses keep updated: Today, technology updates very often, so what would you do if what you learned today got outdated next year? No worry, most of these courses get updated whenever new features are introduced or any update released. And guess what, you don’t have to buy a separate course for the updates. You just buy it once and it’s yours for a lifetime.

  • Take help from the tutor or other students: If you are stuck anywhere, then most of the courses have a Q&A section where you can mention your problem. Then the tutor and other students can help you with it. So, it’s not like you are on your own. Help is always there.

  • It’s equally accepted: It’s equally accepted by the employer as the regular courses. Today, employers need skills no matter how you earn them. So, if you do any course online and master the skill, then the employer won’t say “You did it online so we can’t promote you for that work.”. It’s never happened. Even the organizations also understand the importance of learning nowadays and collaborating with different learning websites to provide the courses at low cost or almost free to their employees.

Online learning websites

Now as online learning becomes an essential part of our life, so there are many online learning websites or apps introduced. Some of them offer free courses also.

Many of the institutes and professional universities also started their online programs. So, if you want to take any certification course or degree online, you can do that also.

Some of the top online learning websites are:

Learn free of cost

Here is a more detailed article about “11 Best sites for free online Training“. It’ll explain about the free courses and also about the min and max fees for the paid courses. Yes, paid too, each course is not free, but some websites have totally free courses. So, don’t forget to check this out.

How to choose a course?

Now online learning is growing and many websites also offer everyone to register and become a tutor, so If you go to any website and search for one course, you’ll find hundreds of courses available there with different costs and time duration. So, how do you choose the right course for you?

It’s not tough though, Follow the following steps and you would be able to the right course:

  • Skill Level: First of all, you need to decide what level you want to learn like you just want to learn the basic or advanced level?
  • Check Course content: Each course has a list of content they teach you. So, go through the course content and check which course matches your requirements.
  • Check Ratings: Check the ratings of the course and the number of subscriptions to that course. If one course shows a high rating, but very few subscriptions and other courses show a little low rating, but a high number of subscriptions. Check all these factors.
  • See the free videos: Each course offers a few free videos to check. So, you can view those videos and check the video quality, tutor’s teaching style, etc.


Online learning is a very important tool nowadays and provides us the opportunity to learn new skills along with our job. It helps us climb the success ladder in our careers. And as more and more colleges and universities are offering their full programs online, it provides the working professional the opportunity to earn the dream degree which they couldn’t do for any reason.

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