Your phone is frozen, jammed, or simply not working properly. Even the outdated IT saying “switch it off and on again” will not work. You have to force your iPhone to shut down in these scenarios. So here we are discussing how to force shut down iPhone 11.

A quick way to force shutdown your iPhone 11

If you are using an iPhone with a Home button, then these are the steps you must follow to forcibly restart an iPhone 11. Follow this process.

  • Once you click the volume up button.
  • Then click the volume down button.
  • Long-pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
  • You should hold it continuously, Even if you see “Slide to Power Off”.
  • Continuously Hold on until the “Apple logo” appears.
  • Now it will auto restart.

A detailed guide to shutting down your iPhone:

You usually don’t need to switch off your iPhone 11. Instead, you can just set it to sleep. You might wish to turn the iPhone 11 off if you need to save battery (You can also try Low Power Mode). Here’s how to turn your iPhone off, regardless of the model:

  • Select any of the Volume buttons, then hold it down.
  • Hold down the Side button after continuing to hold the Volume button.
  • Hold the button down until you see the “Slide to Power Off” slider at the top of the screen.
  • Release the buttons, slide the lock from left to right, and turn off the iPhone.

How To forcibly Restart iPhone?

Most people prefer to restart iPhones or any other phone than to turn it off.  This is because restarting is often the initial step in resolving various malfunctions and issues. In the majority of situations, rebooting your phone is as simple as following the on-and-off steps from the previous section.

But sometimes, you can experience an issue with your iPhone that restricts you from shutting it off using those steps. You should attempt a forced restart of your iPhone in that case (it is also named hard reset or force reset). Let’s dig into the method.

  1. Tap and then release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and then leave the Volume Down button.
  3. Keep holding down the Side button.
  4. When the screen turns black, keep holding it till.
  5. Now, Release the Side button when the Apple logo shows up to allow the iPhone 11 to restart.

How can I Force Restart or Hard Reboot your iPhone?

  • Press the Volume Up button

Rapidly click and release the Volume Up button.

  • Press the Volume Down button

Then press and release the Volume Down button. You do not require clicking and pressing the button continuously.

  • Hold down the Side Button

Keep holding down the Side button. The “Slide to Power off” button will show up, but continue to hold the Side button until you see the official “Apple logo”.

You must turn off the display on your iPhone for this to function. When beginning the volume down, Volume up, and Side button hold sequence, at the same time you cannot work on your home screen.

How to Power on iPhone?

Always Use and press the Side button to turn on your new iPhone. There can be certain reasons If the Apple logo does not appear on the screen, the device may need to be charged. Use the Lightning cable that is used to connect the device to a power source, and then wait to charge the mobile for at least a few minutes before trying again.

Try the button combinations for exiting DFU mode in case your iPhone still doesn’t respond when you press the Side button after charging. If it doesn’t work, you might need to return it to the Apple store so they can make sure the phone isn’t broken. They will check and fix it.

How to Power off iPhone 11?

  • Hold down the Side button while also pressing the Volume Up or Volume Down button. Until two sliding buttons start to show on the screen.
  • Release the pressed buttons and swipe right on the top right side to “slide to power off” button.

How to Enable Emergency SOS on iPhone 11?

When you turn on Emergency SOS on your iPhone, emergency services are automatically contacted and a text message with your position is sent to the persons listed in your emergency contacts. Because of this, you should only use it in life-threatening situations or emergencies. Remember that after using Emergency SOS, you’ll need to input your iPhone’s passcode to unlock it and enable Face ID once more.

  • In order to effectively press either side of the device, press and hold both the Side and any of the Volume buttons.
  • Hold the button continuously till the Emergency SOS countdown appears on the screen. You can either slide it across to contact the emergency services right away and notify your emergency contacts, or you can wait for the countdown to end.

Make sure to turn off Auto Call under Settings > Emergency SOS > Disable Auto Call. In case you don’t wish Emergency SOS to automatically contact emergency services when the Side button is touched.

How can I Force Shut Down an iPhone When It Freezes?

  • Press and hold the “On/Off” button of your iPhone device for three seconds and then a red slider will display on top of the mobile screen.
  • Now, to turn off your device, Swipe the arrow and move it to the right side.
  • Press and hold the “On/Off” button after turning off your phone for ten seconds to turn it back on.

Note: If your phone won’t turn off after you try it, you should reset it. On your iPhone, simultaneously press and hold the ‘On/Off button and the home button. Hold both buttons down until your phone reboots and the Apple logo shows.

How can I force my iPhone to turn off without touching the phone screen?

There are various methods for doing this. One of them is to simultaneously press and hold the power and home buttons until the phone shuts off automatically.

Can I turn off an iPhone without using the home screen?

Absolutely Yes! You can do this without using a mobile home screen.

  • Click and hold down the Unlock/Lock key placed either at the top or on the right side of your iPhone. The setting of this button totally relies on the model of the iPhone device.
  • Click and hold the Home button located below the screen of your iPhone at the same time. Keep in mind that the Both buttons have to be long-pressed and held at the same time altogether.
  • The screen of your iPhone will automatically shut down after a short time. Release the both buttons once the screen has turned off. You may reset or turn on your iPhone by holding them down after the mobile screen has already been turned off.

How do I turn off my iPhone without using the buttons?

You can do this by going to Settings. Just follow these simple points,

  • Open the “Settings” in your iPhone.
  • Then Click “General”
  • Now, Select “Shut Down” and then slide to “turn off”.


Hopefully, this guide is helpful for you and now you have knowledge about how to force the shutdown of iPhone 11. Follow the above-given guide and this task can be so easy to do.