Learn how to use Find My iPhone’s last known location function to locate a dead iPhone, how to locate an iPhone’s last known position even if it is dead or offline, what to do when you’ve found your lost iPhone, and how to locate an iPhone without Find My iPhone.

How to Find a Lost iPhone with a Different Apple Device?

It is possible to find your lost iPhone even if it is dead if you own an iPad or Mac or you share your location with a Family Sharing Group and you have access to one of those devices.

  1. On your device, open the Find My app.

2. Go to the Devices tab.

3. You will see a map with a list of Find My-enabled devices.

4. Choose your iPhone from the list.

Now you can see your iphone’s location even if it is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular. You can locate a device or item using the Find My network, a network of encrypted anonymous Apple devices.

In order to activate this feature, you must have turned it on before losing your iPhone.

How Enable Find My on Iphone?

  1. Open Settings.
  1. Tap on your name.

3. Tap Find My.

4. Tap Find My iPhone.

5. When your device’s battery is low, turn on Send Last Location, which will automatically send the device’s location to Apple.

How to Find a Dead iPhone with iCloud.com?

The following steps explain how you can track your iPhone using iCloud.com Find My iPhone app from a laptop or desktop web browser.

1. Go to icloud.com in your browser.

2. Use your Apple ID and password to sign in.

3. Click Allow to enable two-factor authentication on your device and allow the use of iCloud.com.

4. Tap the Find iPhone app icon.

5. From the top, select All Devices and choose the iPhone you’ve lost.

6. Map will show the location of your missing iPhone.

How to Find a Lost iPhone with Someone Else’s iPhone?

When using a different iPhone linked to someone else’s Apple ID to find a dead iPhone, don’t sign out from their ID in Settings; use the Me tab in the Find My app instead. Don’t forget to sign out after you’re done on your friend’s iPhone so you don’t stay logged in.

  1. Go to your friend’s iPhone and open the Find My app.
  1. Go to the Me tab.
  1. Scroll down Then tap Help A Friend.
  1. It will ask you to log into iCloud account. At the bottom of the pop-up notification, select Use Different Apple ID if prompted to log in with Touch ID or Face ID.
  2. Use your Apple ID and password to log in.
  3. Tap on the lost iPhone in the list of devices at the bottom of the screen to find it.

After that, the screen will display a circle around the area where the iPhone is located, and if necessary, it will zoom in on the area as well.

Note: The map will show an iPhone with a black screen if your iPhone is dead or turned off, and you’ll see red text in the sidebar telling you when the last known location of your iPhone was saved. When your iPhone is turned on, you’ll see a colorful Home screen and a battery icon in the sidebar showing remaining battery power.

How to Find an iPhone Using an Apple Watch?

  1. Your iPhone and Apple Watch should be connected to the same network. Apple Watch and iPhone must be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  2. Swipe up on your Apple Watch’s face. This opens the Glances menu.
  3. Click the “ping” button. This button is located below the buttons for Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, and Silent Mode. Even if silent mode is enabled, your iPhone will emit a brief pinging sound after you press the ping button to assist you in locating the device.
  4. If you need to find your nearby iPhone, keep tapping the ping button.
  5. When you press and hold the ping button, your iphone’s led light will flash. When looking for your iphone in the dark or at night, this can be useful.


How to Track My iPhone Using GPS Tracking Apps?

  • Navigate to the official website for the GPS tracking application you previously installed on your iPhone using your Internet browser.
  • Using the login credentials you created when you installed the app on your iPhone, log into the app’s Web-based platform.
  • Track and locate your iPhone using the GPS tracking app by following the on-screen instructions. The majority of GPS tracking apps provide detailed information about your iPhone’s activities, such as previous locations, text messages, and phone calls and more.
  • You can contact the app’s developer for support and assistance with tracking your iPhone. Apple does not support third-party GPS tracking applications.

How to use a HomePod to find a lost iPhone?

  1. To Siri, ask, “Where’s my iPhone? ””
  2. I found [name’s] iPhone nearby, should I have it play a sound? Siri should say if the iPhone is close enough.
  3. Say yes. You will receive your iPhone as soon as.

If you need to turn on Personal Requests for this to work, follow the steps below. If you have an iPad, you can use the Home app on it. Additionally, you must set up iCloud Keychain on your device to use the service.

  1. On your device, open the Home app.
  2. Click on the Home icon.
  3. Click on your name.
  4. Activate Personal Requests on the appropriate devices.

How to Recover a Lost iPhone Once You’ve Located It?

  1. You can use the map to locate your iPhone if it’s nearby, or you can tap on Directions to get Apple Maps directions for your lost iPhone’s location.
  2. When you are close to your iPhone, you can tap Play Sound to locate it if it is offline but not dead.
  3. Using the Notify When Found toggle on the sidebar if your iPhone is dead, it will send notifications and a location update to your iPad when your lost iPhone is turned on again.
  4. If someone finds your lost iPhone, Lost Mode will remotely lock it and display a custom message with your phone number.
  5. After taking certain steps, you should only use Erase iPhone if you think your iPhone has been permanently lost or stolen.

How to find a lost iphone without find my iphone?

For iPhones without Find My iPhone enabled, you’ll have to retrace your steps, or use Google Maps’ location history, to locate their last known location.

  1. To view the timeline of Google Maps, visit www.google.com/maps/timeline.
  2. Ensure that your Google account is logged in.
  3. Choose the date when your iPhone disappeared.
  4. You need to check your last location and get your phone!

How to Track a Stolen Phone Using Whatsapp?

Naturally, WhatsApp is a fantastic tool for sharing and monitoring the whereabouts of family and friends. However, that does not imply that it may be used to locate a stolen mobile phone (turned on or off). WhatsApp requires you to expressly disclose the location with a person you trust, just like any other territory-sharing assistance. Undoubtedly, you shouldn’t expect much from a thief. When your phone is lost or stolen, WhatsApp itself advises that you immediately lock your SIM card.

Other Search Techniques for a Lost iPhone:

  • Make a phone call. Try phoning your misplaced iPhone using a landline or a friend’s phone. You might hear it ring if it’s nearby.
  • As you dial your phone, shuffle around the house.
  • Try ICantFindMyPhone.com if you don’t have a permit for another mobile phone but do have access to a computer. This website will contact you on your mobile for you if you provide your phone number.
  • Examine difficult-to-reach areas.

Social Media use.

Share the news that your iPhone is gone on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and some other social media channels you use.

Consult the Law Enforcement in Your Area.

Possibilities include finding your iPhone at the police station or lost property office nearby.

If you think your phone has been stolen, you can also make a report.

When reporting your iPhone as lost or stolen, provide the law enforcement officer with the IMEI/MEID number if you know it. In the event that your phone is sold to someone else, this will assist in tracking it.

Check Out the Lostphone Internet Phone Book.

You can input the IMEI number of your handset on the Lost Phone directory page. Check Lostphone’s database.

If your phone has been permanently lost, contact your provider.

Contact your carrier as soon as you can if you’re certain that your phone has been stolen or if you don’t believe you could find it again.

In the event that you believe you will find your phone again soon, several carriers let you temporarily disable service.

If you believe your iPhone was stolen, challenge any charges made.

People also ask

How Can I See the Last Location of My Iphone Before It Turned Off?

If you have a newer iPhone, this is fantastic news. You can now find an iPhone even when it is off or has a dead battery according to a recent upgrade to the Find My app.

Note: This is compatible with all iPhone 11, 12, and 13 models running iOS 15 and newer.

First, check your settings and ensure Find My is turned on.

Go to Settings > [your name] > Find My on your iPhone. Enter your Apple ID if you are prompted to sign in.

Toggle the Find My iPhone switch towards the right to make it active by tapping it. (This ought to be the default setting.)

You can also switch one or both of the following on or off:

•Find My network: Find My can find your device even if it’s offline ( and not attached to Wi-Fi or mobile service). Turning on the Find My network on a compatible iPhone with iOS 15 or later enables you to find the device up to 24 hours after it has been switched off.

• Send Previous Location: When your device’s battery level drops dangerously low, Apple is automatically notified of its location.

Can a Dead Iphone Still Be Tracked?

You will be taken to the last location your iPhone was when the battery died if it is dead. The Find My app will use neighbouring Wi-Fi to determine the missing iPhone’s current status if it is offline but not dead.

How to Locate a Dead Iphone 24 Hours Later?

Locate My Network Find My can find your device even if it’s offline (not attached to Wi-Fi or mobile service). Activate the Find My network on a compatible iPhone with iOS 15 or later enables you to find the device up to 24 hours after it has been switched off.

How to Locate a Missing Iphone Even If the Battery Is Dead?

All models of iPhone,  iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone 13 models running iOS 15 can use this, and the first step is to confirm that all three Find My app functions are turned on.

Open the Settings > [Your name on the prime of the mobile] > Find My to accomplish that. When you click on Find My iPhone at the top of the mobile screen, three separate options with toggle switches should appear.

How to Find a Dead Iphone in Your House?

Fortunately, Find My Device is frequently activated when you check in to your Google account on an Android smartphone, so you are protected.

  1. Log into your Google account by going to com/find in a browser.
  2. Choose the lost phone set from the given list if you have numerous devices.
  3. The device’s approximate position will be displayed on the map.

I Lost My Phone and It’s Dead Can I Track It?

You can track your iPhone by following the guidelines we have mentioned in detail above.

Can Police Track a Switched-Off Mobile Phone?

The police cannot track a switched-off phone any better than normal citizens, as we have described in great detail above. However, they might request that the cellular service providers use the IMEI number to trace and prohibit a smartphone. In this method, even if your phone has been stolen and factory reset, the operator can still locate it using the IMEI. Operators wouldn’t do that unless asked by the police or a law enforcement agency.

How to Protect Your Iphone?

Lastly, here are some tips to ensure your iPhone is safe from theft in the future, and that your data isn’t compromised if the worst happens.

  • Make sure your screen lock has a pin that is longer than four digits.
  • You shouldn’t lose photos on your iPhone if you back them up.
  • Use the Find My feature.
  • Keep yourself out of harm’s way. Avoid using your iPhone in public, or at least avoid doing so when you are walking down a dark road at night. Aside from anything else, this could make you less aware of your surroundings (especially if you have headphones on).
  • Make sure to keep all of your stuff with you because most thefts occur when you leave your iPhone behind.